Application Letter For A Student At San Jacinto Community College

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Allow me to introduce you to C. C is a cousin of mine who currently resides in Pearland, Texas. She was born May 1st 1996, making her just barely 19 years old. She is a high school graduate who is currently attending a community college. C lives in the upper-middle-class suburbs of Pearland with her parents and her 2 older brothers.
As I mentioned in the previous paragraph C is currently enrolled in community college. She is attending San Jacinto Community college as an oncoming sophomore. This is one of the best community colleges in Texas and C feels very blessed to be a student there. The campus is divided into three parts. C attends the southern most campus, which is a convenient 10-minuet drive from her house. There are about 30 thousand students enrolled and about 40 kids in each class. The campus is very beautiful and accommodating. There is a plethora of student amenities including: free tutoring, a large library and a vast amount of computers. C states that the college very positively influences her. She feels as though all of her teachers and classmates want her to succeed. The environment is very empowering and educationally motivating to her.
C is enrolled as full time student and aspires to be a doctor. She wants to get into medical school and graduate with a doctorate. But at the moment she has just finished her general classes. On Mondays and Wednesdays, C would have Computer class and English comp 2. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays she would have Music…

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