Application For The Master Of Public Health Program At The California State University

1085 Words Apr 28th, 2015 5 Pages
I am really honored to apply for the Master of Public Health Program at the California State University, Northridge. I believe this will be the gate I can walk through to work as a Public Health Educator to serve my community in this field. As long as I can remember, it has been always my hobby to educate people I know about how they can take good care of their health, maintain healthy weight, and eat a healthy diet. Sometimes I try to make a twist in a dessert recipe to decrease its fat content and share it with my friends. Most of my friends know that if they gather at my house for a dinner, they will have a light, healthy as well as a delicious meal. I remember when I was ten years old; I went to the family dentist to fill a tiny molar cavity that I had. Since then, most of my classmates used to ask me about my experience at the dental office before they go to see their dentist. I would always educate them, describe how the procedure was, and tell them that the needle pinch was not that bad. I also remember advising them to be brave and not to cry. Since that time, my passion in becoming a dentist started. I enjoyed learning the art and science of dentistry during the five dental school years and also enjoyed the ten years of work experience in that field. Working as a dentist gave me the opportunity to practice health education. I used to inform my dental patients how to take a good care of their teeth and how they should exert their best effort to prevent dental…

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