Application For The English Language Arts Teaching Position At St. Monica Catholic School

1339 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for the English Language Arts teaching position at St. Monica Catholic School. It excites me to learn about the current opening. I was immediately impressed with St. Monica Catholic School and Parish when, as a teacher at Eastside Catholic High School, I first visited the parish and met graduates of the school. Maintaining a strong Catholic identity while providing a rich program of formation equips students for the challenges of High School and enables the students to strive for their full potential by becoming Christ-like leaders in the world. The authentic formation of the student recognizes the need for the development of mind, body, and soul. Such a community enables the students to strive for their full human potential and become good: intellectually, spiritually, physically, and morally. I believe that my teaching experience and education make me a strong candidate for your English Language Arts teacher opening.

I am currently serving as Dean of Students at Veritas Preparatory Academy, where I also teach both Humane Letters in the High School and Literature and Composition in the Middle School. As a Middle School Dean of Students and as a teacher, I strive to promote the cultivation of virtue and an academic sense of wonder in my students. Cultivation of virtue and academic sense of wonder are essential elements of authentic education because they enable the individual to become a life long learner. Virtue…

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