Application For A Theoretical Orientation Essay

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Theoretical orientation is a conceptual framework used by a counselor to understand client therapeutic needs. It is important to have theoretical orientation with individuals, families, and treatment groups because it “provides a roadmap to the therapeutic process. It provides guidelines for conceptualizing clients’ problems. It helps social workers organize and listen to data and information from the client” (Hill, 2016). Throughout this paper I will address strategies which I believe that fits me the most. I will touch base on the finding of my theoretical orientation. Lastly my paper will close with the theoretical orientation pertaining my field placement.

Developing a Theoretical Orientation
“You 've got to find yourself first. Everything else will follow.” This quote stuck out to me because I feel that the more you know who you are, the more you can be honest with yourself. Find yourself stagey I found the most useful for me. The questions got me to answer truthfully and to be honest with myself. Although the questions were related to the counseling process, it helped me found out what kind of counselor I would want for myself and also what kind of counselor I will be. The one I found the least useful was articulate your values. The reason why is because the question that was ask I believe was kind of unnecessary. It kind of made me think deeply of what I really wanted to change and the way I think that people view me as a person. Although I have a lot…

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