Application For A Teacher Position Essay

777 Words Dec 15th, 2015 4 Pages
I have decided to apply for a teacher position as I would like to develop my skills and knowledge acquired during being a Teaching Assistant. I support students who work towards Functional Skills qualifications in Maths. I also take part in Craft courses which, in some cases, give possibility to gain the Aim Awards qualifications. I have enjoyed working with adult learners and see when they succeed. As I grew up in a family where education was an important part of our life I always felt a desire to progress. Back to 2006, when I moved to England, I learnt how to stay determined and face adversity. Attending the Family Learning courses gave me an overview of the education system in England. The differences between Polish and English education and approaches to it fascinated me and have caused I wanted to move forward. I gained, not only a knowledge regarding Maths and English language taught at English schools, but also Level 2 City & Guilds Certificates in these subjects. Being a student myself has taught me that returning to education is a long-term process, which requires perseverance and motivation. These conditions resulted in getting a position of a Teaching Assistant in Adult Learning Service in 2013. The position gave me the most valuable work based experience and education. I also realised I derived satisfaction from helping others a long time before I undertook this job; at school, being a mentor for a bullied student with severe learning disabilities or in…

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