Essay on Application For A Successful Educational System

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2. Introduction
3. Project Literary Review
4. Cost Estimation
5. Project Plan
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography
8. Appendix

This is my attempt to re-establish the fact that science shows the way to a successful educational system. The problem of assistance to address students ' took toll on the different management colleges. There have been serious attempts to maintain strict attendance record, but to no avail. This is because it is not possible by the teacher for speech recognition and signature of each student 's grade
Been in the "automated support system" is designed to collect and manage the records of student attendance RFID devices installed in the classroom. Based on the verification of student identity at the inputs to the system, RFID tags can be embedded in the identity of the person. First to activate the new session (hours) Swipes his master RFID tag representing the presence of a new session in which students can criticize once to increase their presence. Interact proposed unit, working within the scope of 125KHz, passing through the signal area, the unit detects the presence and extracts the unique serial number and pass code to the microcontroller code that matches the right person and increases attendance of a particular person.
This is a research project that will put the entire system of automated assistance, code development and computer simulation results show. INTRODUCTION
The main problems facing both…

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