Application Cloud Computing Into The Naval Beach Group Elements Communication Plan

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Analyzing Research Methods This paper will discuss various research methodologies which relate to the problem and solution that is being recommended for implement cloud computing into the Naval Beach Group elements communication plan. First discussed will be the qualitative and quantitative research methods, focusing on what research method is, along with its use as a research method. Mixed methods research will then be examined to gain a better understanding of how it is used in research and if it will be a good fit for this study. Lastly, a recommendation will be made on what research methodology should be used, along with the specific methods that will be used to obtain the research data.
Qualitative research is difficult to define and if one searches the term qualitative research they will find many different meanings. For this paper, qualitative research will follow the definition as explained by Yilmaz (2013) which states that it is an "emergent, inductive, interpretive and naturalistic approach to the study of people, cases, phenomena, social situations and processes in their natural settings in order to reveal in descriptive terms the meanings that people attach to their experiences of the world" (p. 312). This allows for a definition of qualitative research without bringing in numerical or statistical data. There are many different types of qualitative research that we can use for this research study. A focus group interview (Davis, Golicic,…

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