Applicability Of Desired Work Setting Essay

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Applicability to Desired Work Setting I want to work in an inner-city neighborhood with people of color as well as people released from jail or inmates. I think this is a great theory to be applied to marginalized people. This theory is sensitive to diversity and culture in that it applies the clients’ belief system as part of the process of challenging one’s self. It is up to the therapist to make sure they fully understand a person’s culture, background, and core values. With this understanding we can work together to gain full awareness of conflicting feelings, so that particular practices and beliefs can be modified. REBT stresses the relationship of the community and the family which is something valued in the community I want to work with. From personal experience, it is hard making something better of my life when I have people constantly putting people of a similar background down. Not everybody made it out of my neighborhood, so when I hear bad things said about my community, it affects me. Being a therapist in the neighborhoods I grew up in, I will have a better understanding of the oppression people face. It is this oppression that creates these irrational beliefs. I think it goes deeper than what the books can tell us about the mind, environment and how it plays a part. Psychology is just starting to take multicultural factors into consideration, and the field has a long road ahead of it. I believe that it is irrational beliefs and actions based on these…

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