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Brief History
The AppleScript project was a direct result of the HyperCard project. HyperCard was a hypermedia authoring environment that predated the World Wide Web. It featured an English language-based scripting language called Hyper Talk, which HyperCard programmers used to embed logic and behavior within a HyperCard stack.
A HyperCard stack, by the way, was very much like a collection of Web pages, except that it all ran as part of a desktop application. You could create links and program buttons to perform certain actions. In many ways, HyperCard was an important forerunner of all the hypermedia projects and tools that followed, including CD-ROMs and the Web. In fact, the only thing that kept HyperCard from becoming the first Web
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While the AppleScript scripting language uses an English-like terminology which may appear simple, it is a rich, object-oriented language, capable of performing complicated programming tasks. However, its real strength comes from providing access to the features available in scriptable applications. If you make your application scriptable, it will help scripter’s get their work done, and quite likely become indispensable to their work process.
The “Automator” application, available starting in OS X version 10.4, lets users work in a graphical interface to put together complex, automated workflows. Workflows consist of one or more actions, which are provided by Apple, by developers, and by scripter’s, and can be written in AppleScript and in other languages, including Objective-C. Starting in OS X v10.5, developers can incorporate workflows directly in their applications, providing another mechanism for accessing features of other applications and the Mac OS.
“Scripting Bridge,” available starting in OS X version 10.5, provides an automated process for creating an Objective-C interface to scriptable applications. This allows Cocoa applications and other Objective-C code to efficiently access features of scriptable applications, using native Objective-C syntax. Some other scripting languages, such as Ruby and Python, can use Scripting Bridge, but also have their own

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