Apples : Corporate Responsibility And Marketing Strategies Essay example

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Apples’ Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies
Mouad Nouidei
Strayer University

Corporate Responsibility

Some of the main levels in business for consumers are corporate social responsibilities and business ethics. A lot of businesses now a days come across different questions from patrons and stockholders regarding the company’s ethical and social responsibility (Munson, 2014). Business ethics can include anything from the way the company hires or how a company can make their claims in advertising (Munson, 2014). Businesses depend on their employees who represent the business in public and on their customers, to represent a trustworthy image that is joined together with the goals and objectives in the company (Munson, 2014).
Apple’s Current Position on Ethical and Social Responsibilities
Apple’s current position on their ethical and social responsibilities includes a commitment to transparency, a reduction of the environmental impact and safeguarding the health and well-being of their workers. Utilizing their commitment to transparency Apple publishes their audit reports whether they are good or bad and they also became the first technology company to join the (FLA) Fair Labor Association (Apple, 2013). Apple has trained over 350 employees to educate facilities on safety topics and trained 95 suppliers on chemical safety (Apple, 2013). They also performed environmental audits in 14 countries (Apple, 2013). Apple requires that suppliers…

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