Essay Apple 's Supply Chain Model

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Other Key Enhancements

Other key enhancements in business operations, valued added services, and countering competition will also improve Acer’s supply chain model.

As it relates to business operations, Acer could benefit greatly by utilizing standard contracts worldwide with its customers. This will allow Acer to supply standardized superior services across the board when inquiries arise.

When it comes to value added services, and end to end model will greatly enhance Acer’s supply chain model. End to end value chain innovation will allow Acer to utilize a horizontal value chain as opposed to a vertical value chain. This method will help to identify areas in which there may be non-value added cost and work to mitigate any inefficiencies that is not adding value to the bottom line. It will also identify a great monetary amount in productivity and cash flow savings. Utilizing this method will ensure that Acer is able to quickly capture and maintain the close-in benefits while setting up a platform for greater opportunities down the line. These opportunities can include closing any present gaps, and enhancing the overall margins of the business.
Another value added service that would enhance Acer’s supply chain management is the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in its model. The use of AI would enable Acer to capture information at all levels of the supply chain to ascertain the optimal inventory level. As this technology allows a greater tool for demand planning,…

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