Essay on Apple 's Strategic Capabilities Of A Company

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Resources and competencies/capabilities of a company are two most integral parts of the strategic capabilities of any company. In the most simplest terms Apple’s strategic capabilities can be divided in two forms i.e. Tangible and Intangible resources.

Apple’s tangible resources include the CEO, Tim Cook, employees, the integrated system of software and hardware, its retail store all across the world. Whereas, some of the intangible resources include its brand name, unique design, cash In hand and a loyal customer database.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook has proved himself to be a good leader despite the criticism that no one can replace Steve Jobs. Tim Cook has exceptional operational skills. Apple in the fiscal year 2015 sold 300 million devices and he managed that single handedly. Apple under his leadership generated revenue of $233 billion in 2015 with over $70 billion in cash. Apple’s Retail Stores
As of July 2015, Apple has 265 stores in US and more that 400 stores worldwide. According to a research done by emarketer, it was found that Apple stores in the US generated sales of over $5009 per square foot in 2015 and exceeded any other brands sale including companies like Tiffany and Restoration Hardware. Apple believes in providing their customers with an outstanding experience and their policy is to delight the customers. Contrary to any other retail store’s policy of selling, apple train its employees to not sell but trying to solve the pain points of your customer and…

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