Apple 's Role A Presence On Social Networking Essay

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• Introduce the general problem/opportunity.
To explore whether ‘Apple’ should establish a presence on social networking, especially on Facebook, to build stronger relationships with its customers.
• Why is this research important?
For Apple, Facebook is a chance to promote their company and products to a wider and denser audience. Also, to build a stronger relationship with its customers that it may not have had in the past. Therefore, the reasons for using Facebook should be researched and analysed.
• Why did you decide to do this study?
Being a regular social networking user and also being a fan of Apple as a company, owning various Apple products. I notice a social networking ‘absence’ from Apple and became interested in finding the reasons why Apple has a lack of presence on social networking platforms, especially on Facebook.
• Outline the broad field of study.
Why Apple?
On Facebook, due to Apple’s absence of presence on social networking, a ‘helpful’ Apple fan made an ‘Apple Inc.’ page for Apple to utualise and take official ownership of, it has had zero activity or presence from Apple on it and has remained empty since its establishment in July 2011. From 2011 to 2016, It has gained 10 million followers with no visible input or effort from Apple. Using Facebook metrics, I converted the number of the Facebook page followers into recent October 2016 Facebook user statistics, the number of followers represents eighty-three million…

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