Essay about Apple 's Iphone 5 User Personal Evaluation

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Apple’s iPhone 5 User Personal Evaluation Personal research and evaluations are excellent ways to discover pertinent information about a product that a consumer wishes to purchase. In addition, reviews come from multiple sources: experts or consumers, and both play an important role to the consumer and are thought to be valued resources. In fact, reviews and information are easier to acquire due to the modern technology and increased use of the internet among consumers. Reviews and research help consumers to decide whether or not they are going to purchase a specific product, such as Apple’s iPhone 5s or the 5c, by providing information and specifications. When comparing consumer reviews along with personal knowledge about the Apple iPhone 5 to expert reviews based on design, software, and functionality, it is clear that personal evaluations are the best, as they are first-hand knowledge. This consumer has often considered purchasing Apple’s iPhone 5 based on its design, and my desired needs. Before purchasing I sought out consumers and expert reviews. One consumer had problems with the housing fading with time on black iPhone devices. On the other hand, expert Gadi Amit, a founder of New Deal Design, states “You hold the new iPhone, and you see and feel the difference immediately. The iPhone 5s uses aluminum and glass, and both materials are considered noble from a design perspective.” Gadi’s review provided me with more detailed information about the new iPhone, which…

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