Apple 's Crm And Customer Management Strategies Essay example

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Apple’s CRM and Customer Management Strategies
In the past decade, an increasing numbers of companies prefer to increase their investment budget and pay more attention toward the department of customer relationship management. Those components within the department including consumer preference and purchase satisfaction were showed to have a significant and positive relationship with the profitability and market expansion. Back in early 2000, Srinivassan (2002) claimed that CRM showed a potential as a growing e-service. E-service provides intangible services and products to online users, companies would try the best to offer online service and satisfy customer needs (Järvinen, 2007). Apple, as a technology company, created their special customer relationship management system including e-service and make flexible use of it. Their own online service platform such as iTunes and App Store improved customer experience by enabling customers to enjoy the service without time and location limit. Except those, Apple Call Centre and Apple Store also play important roles as parts of
Apple’s customer management strategies. They invest their own retail chain that everyone can walk in Apple Store and try new products without pressure into sales. Also, customers can ask question or fix their devices in Genius Bar.
These services are convenient for customers because all of their problems can be solved in the official store, which is trustworthy. Moreover, as they regard customer management…

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