Apple’s Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Essay

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Apple’s Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies
Brianna Neal
Bus 508 Contemporary Business
Dr. Laura Jones
Strayer University
July 15, 2015
Apple’s Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies
Apple Overview
Apple Inc was founded by Steve Jobs and was originally named Apple computer because there sole purpose was to provide personal computers. They later changed there name to Apple
Inc to show their innovation and a wide arrange of electronics and cutting edge technology.
Apple Inc is know for such products as the IPod, IPod, Mac book and a host of other products to help revolutionize the world.
Apple Inc is based out of Cupertino, Ca and is
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Apple first made all suppliers agree to a Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier responsibility
Standards. These two documents contain requirements from labor and human right to environmental impact im which all suppliers must meet criteria laid out. Apple began conducts yearly audits in 2006 by third party agencies ensure suppliers are meeting outlined expectations.
Their website boost numbers like 92% of their company and affiliates are in compliance with the
60 hour maximum work week and trained 2.3 million employees on worker rights
(Environmental Responsibility, 2015).
Meeting Responsibilities
As mentioned previously, in Apple Inc started producing yearly audits to publish on the companies website to show there social responsibilities in keeping consumer abreast on business operations. However, Apple did not begin to produce these publications until the media brought attention to the working conditions in China. For example Apple supplier Fox Conn fell under the heat when it came to light that workers began to commit suicide due to the working conditions and labor issues within the factory. These

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