Essay on Apple 's Corporate Image : Apple

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As of May 2016, Apple was the eighth largest public company at a $586 billion net worth, 110,000 employees, and $233.27 billion in sales (Forbes). Apple has seen immense success, and an article by the Business Insider put the claim of their success on Apple’s ability to control their platform. Even though many see the success solely because of Apple’s attention to detail and their appealing design, the commentary believes differently (Kalb). By the 2000s, Apple had an array of products with a collection of different operating systems and platforms. Their ability to manage each harmonically, allowed them to see success. There are seven key building blocks that the Business Insider article by Kalb believed enabled them to control their platform:
1. Apple’s corporate image: Apple changed its’ name at the most prestigious time. It effectively planned for the change so admirably, this act sent its’ margins to unbelievable heights that made the business world take a second look.
2. Apple’s use of a combine strategy: their naming is most recognizable. When Steve Jobs was away from his company for twelve years, he was able to develop an effective branding technique. As we all well know, the little “i” is in front of all of Apple’s devices that enable us to connect to the big wide world of the internet. For example, iPhone, iPod, iMac, iBook, iCloud, and iTunes. Each of these products proudly display the Apple brand to the world, while each product has its’ own identity. Just like…

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