Apple Watch And Nielsen 's Heuristic Of Consistency And Standards

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• Apple Watch and Nielsen 's Heuristic of Consistency and Standards. Apple has become one of the leading technology companies in the world. They consistently evolve in technological advances that help improve the accessibility that society has become to enjoy conveniently. The Apple watch is one of the latest of the company’s advances, having placing the conveniences of a phone into a watch. The Apple Watch has been developed to maintain the consistently seen in the phone into the watch. The menu titles are fluid with the actions needed to be taken by the user. They are well labelled and scrolling can be done horizontally or vertically to navigate the device. The standards allow the user to navigate the device in an easy and understandable fashion. Overall the Apple watch is a dependable device that embodies consistency standards.
• Pandora Radio and Nielsen 's Heuristic of Consistency and Standards. Pandora Radio has been one of the leading internet radio services. It was a trailblazer in allowing users to customize radio stations based on their favorite artist or songs. Pandora is known for its ability to keep users engaged with its consistent design and navigation. The design of the application catches the attention of the user the artist album cover, play bar, and artist information, these are all essential to the current time of the song is playing. The structure of the menus are fluid and all actions to be taken by a user are clearly defined. When prompted questions…

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