Essay on Apple Value Chain Analysis

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Value Chain Analysis
Before making a strategic decision, it is important for Apple to understand how its activities or products create values for customers. One way to do this is to conduct a value chain analysis (VCA). VCA “refers to the idea that a company is a chain of activities for transforming inputs into outputs that customers value. The process of transforming inputs into outputs compromises a number of primary and support activities” (Hill and Jones, 2001, p.133). Each value is considered to be a source of competitive advantage. In the analysis, the company is being examined exclusively.
Apple has an unprecedented cash position; in fact, the most cash held by any technological company
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Marketing and Sales
Television commercial, online ads and print advertisements campaigns have been successful in promoting the Apple’s products and services. Apple has a branding strategy that is emotions’ focused, humorous and simplicity. The ads theme is about lifestyle; innovation, imagination and aspiration (Masi B., 2009, p.14). In addition, Apple has a secretive strategy concerning new products or services in order to create suspension and publicity. It, also, sells its products to schools and universities; thus creating an exposure for the product or the service (Inside CRM, 2009). Services
Having a great customer experience is fundamental priority for any businesses. Apple is a great example of customer focused; it believes that customer loyalty is a great strength to the company. Apple Genius Bar is one of its main services where customers get the best face to face support (Apple, 2012). Moreover, customers are always welcome for free consultation concerning any issues. Apple, in addition, offer one year warranty and customers then have the choice to purchase an extension warranty (Masi B., 2009, p.13).

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