Apple Tax Morality And Ethics

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The Golden Rule, Utilitarianism, and the Deontological are all approaches that have to deal with morality and ethics. Paying taxes has and always will be a social responsibility; therefore the tax avoidance strategies employed by Apple are unethical. Tax money is necessary in order for the government to run a functioning town and to support the resources needed to operate the community. Considering that Apple is a very wealthy corporation, there was no desperate need for them to act in such an unethical way.
Furthermore, The Golden Rule is the idea that one should treat others how you would like to be treated. This principle has been embedded into businesses and companies in order to maintain an ethical work environment. This rule goes beyond
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The Apple tax avoidance did not benefit the majority of other people or businesses other than themselves. It made things much worse for big profitable companies and their rights to regulate taxes. Many utilitarian’s differ on what is beneficial for group or majority of civilians, but in this case there were many more companies that were affected. Stated in the article “The ultimate goal should of course be that all companies, big or small, pay tax where they generate their profits.” Therefore, in order for companies to benefit large groups of people, they must follow the rules and regulations to stay loyal to the government and laws.
Deontological approaches deal with the relationship between what is a company’s duty and what are the company’s morals. Apple may have been avoiding their taxes because it was their duty to make sure there company never went under and stayed high in earnings. However, it was against any company’s morals to achieve this level by only paying a small amount of taxes for their profits. Considering that Apple is a very wealthy company, paying back their taxes would not have affected them, but their morality was surely tested and that is a factor that consumers will take into consideration while purchasing their
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Many people believe that if they know an unethical act is going on, but don’t say anything about it than they are not involved. This is not true when it comes to serious offences. Diffusion of responsibility is also referred to as groupthink, which leads to unethical behavior made by the entire group that is involved. In order to run a business as large and successful as Apple, the entire team needs to have morals and responsibilities to act in just

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