Iphone Vs Android Compare And Contrast

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Today, we have a wide selection of technology available to us for all types of usage. The most common technology used by most people would be the smart phone. There are two types of smartphones that are greatly favored: Apple smartphones and Android smartphones. The two most preferred smartphones do the same job but are notably different. From their looks, operating systems, camera quality, and just how user friendly they are. Both being the latest in demand phones, by looks they both seem to look the same. If looked at closely and examining all aspects, there are key differences. One aspect that is very important is the different operating system each phone has. The iPhone runs an operating system called iOS and the Androids run systems which vary in name depending on the version of device one may have. A positive aspect to iOS is that it is available generally to all Apple devices besides the ones three to four years old. For Androids, users must have one of the latest released phones to have the best and most updated systems program. Not only this, but many …show more content…
Looking at rates, the current iPhones have higher crash rates than Androids. While the Android stands at 0.7% crashing rate the iPhone has a 1.6% crash rate according to article “Android vs. iOS”. During older versions of both phones, the iPhone had a much lower rate for crashing than Androids, but as they have developed new softwares, Androids are currently excelling over iPhones on this aspect. Androids are also really great when it comes to durability. They can withstand almost any minor impact while the iPhone can take some serious damage. The glass screens on Androids are much stronger than the ones on iPhones. At simple impact with the floor the screen of an iPhone would most likely crack whereas the Androids could withstand the impact. For crash aspects Androids seem to do much better both mechanically and

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