Apple Preference Mapping Via Pca Methods Essay

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Apple Preference Mapping
A central location trial was conducted for 10 dessert apple varieties using participants from Bristol and Hull. The following presentation will analyse the statistical results gained from the data received and suggest areas for future product launches within the UK apple industry.

Task 1

Recruitment of Panellists
The Market Research Company was asked to recruit 100 Panellists in each city for the trial with 50% of the panellists from each age group (1 & 2). The data shows that the number of people recruited in Bristol exceeded the required amount with a total of 169 Panellists. Further to this, 71% of the panellists recruited were from the age bracket 2. Recruitment in Hull matched closely to the total
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Participants from Cluster 1 ranked their scores similarly for all the apple samples in comparison to clusters 2 and 3. Cluster 2 retained a valuable set of participants with equal counts from both age groups. They ranked highly on individual samples (such as Johnson’s Red) and lower on others. Cluster 3 only contributed 3 participants to the scoring. Cluster 3 scored highly on the majority of the varieties as an average (over point 5) and could be labelled as ‘slightly extreme’ scorers. It would be more appropriate to focus on clusters 1 and 2 rather than cluster 3.

Task 2

Count of Consumer Children Age 1 1 39 2 59 Grand Total 98 2 Grand Total

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