Essay about Apple Part 3

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Apple Inc. Business Strategies MTG 521 June 27th, 2011 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review the company Apple Inc. strategic initiatives taken by the company relative to organizational and operational adaptation to changing markets. As my role of mutual manager, am going to review how recent economic trends have influence the business, what strategies Apple has used in adaptation to changing markets, what tactics the company has implemented to achieve their strategic goals and how the role of human resources plays in helping the company achieve its business goals. After a couple years of layoffs, bankruptcies, and …show more content…
“At the end of 2010, Apple announced they had opened 233 stores in the USA and 84 stores internationally totaling 317 retail stores. Cook also mentioned that Apple stores are amazingly productive and providing outstanding service to their customers. He stated that the feeling in the environment was a bit heavy due to the unknown economy but overall performances at end were better than expected. According to Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley, she explained that despite a rough economic patch in the United Stated that hit the retail sector particularly hard, Apple released record shipments of iPods and claimed the second-highest quarter of Mac sales in the company's history, thanks to strong international growth, retail strength, new MacBook’s, and diversification from Apple's core business. Therefore, all companies included Apple suffered in the last couple years due to a bad economy but Apple was able endure the bad weather and capitalize offshore. Even under a bad economy, Apple has been able to achieve a three percent growth year over year. As buyer behavior changes Apple sales change too. At the end of 2009, IPod sales have decreased due to people not buying their first MP3, more just replacing, or upgrading to a new one. Still, sales of the IPod nearly hit 23 million by 2010. Despite consumer drawbacks, Apple could hold up their margins and

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