Essay about Apple Is A World Famous Technology Company

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GoGreen research on Apple
Apple is a world famous technology company
1. What product the company produces and how
Apple producing mobile phones and computers, the pollution happened as the electronic producer. Korean company LG made LCD Panels, Samsung made Batteries, and SK Hynix made Chipset. Taiwan company TSMC made DRAM & Flash Memory of the iPhone. A French-Italian company STMicroelecronics produced the Gyroscope in iPhone. 85% of all are assembled in China Foxconn.
2. What externalities exist in the production of their good/service
There are both positive externality (international) and negative externality (pollution in the other countries, i.e. China)
The positive externality through product iPhones is the demand increase of labor market in both the USA and the rest of the world. “Apple generated 598,500 US-held jobs in 2012, include 50,250 Apple direct employees, 257,000 other industry jobs dependent on Apple and 291,250 iOS app community.”
3. The scope of the company and externality (i.e. local, regional, national, international). The scope of the company have positive externality since it is international and have negative externality since pollution in the other countries, i.e. China, as the iPhone 5s, 85% of all are assembled in China, world’s factory Foxconn.
Many iPhone components require various Rare Earth Minerals, like the Color Screen, Glass Polishing, Speakers, Vibration Unit and Phone Circuitry, they all made in Inner Mongolia in China. When mining…

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