Apple Inc. Was Formed By Steven Wozniak And Steven Jobs Essay

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Apple Inc. was formed by Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs in 1976. The company went through several changes over the years leading into 2009. There had been changes in leadership, and how they done business. The years prior to 2009 had been successful for the company. They had a well thought out strategy which kept them on track. There were three strategies that I felt were especially important to their success. The first is that they became part of the global economy. They marketed and sold their products all over the world. The second strategy that I believe was important was that they broke the company down into divisions. Each division was responsible for being profitable. In my opinion, this helped Apple know where their strengths and weaknesses were. That knowledge gave them the opportunity to make adjustments when needed. The third strategy was their product development. They were continually expanding the company by placing new products on the market. I believe that product development also helped them stay competitive financially with their stiff competition. It allowed them to sell their products at a competitive price. Companies that want to compete need to know where they stand. The SWOT analysis is a way to take a good hard look at your organization. A company needs to understand their strengths’, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Once they understand these areas they can plan for the future. I believe if Apple conducted a SWOT analysis in 2009 it would…

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