Apple Inc Strategic Recommendations for the Future Essay

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Apple Inc Strategic Recommendations for the Future
Apple Inc is a globally respected business organisation and is an acknowledged pioneer in its areas of operations in the technology sector.
Primarily a manufacturer and marketer of personal computers and peripherals, software and networking solutions, the company’s product line includes the Macintosh range of desktop and notebook PCs, the Mac OS X operating system, the IPod digital music player, the ITunes music store, the IPhone, the IPad tablet, the X Serve G5 servers and X Serve storage products (Apple Computer Inc, 2011, p 1).
The company sells its products through its chain of retail stores, third party wholesalers and online channels. The company’s main markets are in the
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Economic Environment
Whilst the economies in the US and other major markets of the company have shown improvement and there are indicators of fuller recovery in the future, the outlook continues to be uncertain. Such uncertainty could result in consumers continuing to be careful of expensive purchases. The Chinese economy is sustaining its growth despite the global economic downturn. With the progressive development of the Chinese economy, increased wages in China will lead to increase in production cost for Apple and its manufacturing partners (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011, p 5)
Social and Cultural Environment
The increasing importance of the Internet is driving demand for “access anywhere” devices that use high speed wireless technologies. Sales of smartphones and other portable devices that let users access the internet, wherever they are, are growing swiftly fast in comparison to traditional sales of personal computers (Masi, 2009, p 3). Apple and other similar manufacturers could face a loss of relevance in this consumer driven technological landscape if they do not innovate and bring out products that cater to the increasing sophistication of consumer demand (Masi, 2009, p 3).
Global Environment
Stricter regulation of carbon emissions could impose a significant financial burden on the final costs of Apple’s products with resultant impact on margins.

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