Apple Inc. Review Essay

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Apple Inc. Review
MGT/521 Management

Week Five Individual Assignment

Apple Inc. has been noted as one of the most positive growing companies in the technology field today. The question is, How do we know this and how do we measure this? The answer is through three major financial business statements; The Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. All of these statements may seem to be redundant in what they portray but all of them are necessary in bringing to light the actual financial standing of any company. These statements are how a financial analyst can put together an honest analysis of the how the company is doing financially.
The Income Statement for any company
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Comparison: The biggest competitor for Apple Inc is Microsoft. Almost everyone knows this competition as being between Bill Gates, the developer of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, the developer of Apple or Macintosh. There have even been commercials, however silly, on television depicting the differences in Apple/Macintosh and Microsoft/Windows. This competition was only made possible when Apple Inc. began developing more than just the Apple/Macintosh computers and operating system. Apple Inc. truly came into the competition when they developed the devices such as the iPod, the iPhone, and other such separate devices that not only worked with an Apple computer but had adapted enough to be compatible with the Microsoft system as well. In looking at the statements side by side at, an analyst can see that each statement shows about the same amount of growth however, Apple Inc. is slightly ahead of Microsoft in everything.
Apple Inc. has publicly shown through their products, their knowledgeable staff in the various Apple stores and the information on their websites the integrity of the company. The integrity shows that the company cares about not only their customers and the need to stay ahead of Microsoft and other competitors, but also that they care about their employees. Through a search of

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