Apple, Inc: Inclusion And Diversity Of Apple Inc.

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Greetings, Mr. Cook, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to present you with the following information which discusses diversity inclusion within your company. Being a multinational world’s largest information technology company, Apple has successfully battled a number of lawsuits, out of which few have been on the basis of discrimination and diversity. Nevertheless, amidst of these challenges the company has made substantial development in these areas. The purpose of this memo is to highlight the issues of diversity and the steps Apple Inc. has taken in order to ensure that every individual is valued by preventing inequities through diversifying the company.

Since April 1, 1976, Apple Inc. has grown into the world’s largest
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However, the company also has other links directing to what it values such as environment, supplier responsibility, accessibility, privacy, education and last but not least inclusion and diversity. The company’s website page on inclusion and diversity portrays a group of diverse hardware engineers located in Cupertino, CA. The title of the inclusion and diversity page on the company’s website reads as such “Inclusion inspires innovation” (Apple, n.d.) which truly does gives the reader a feel of inspiration and motivation to be different and stand out from the crowd. The company does a pretty sound job listing on its website the steps it is taking in order to foster and include diverse candidates in its company. For instance, on the website it states that Apple Inc. supports education with programs like the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to help students at black colleges and universities find opportunities in technology (Apple, n.d.). Overall, the company’s website does a decent job at presenting the Apple Inc. as inclusive and diverse company, however, this perception does not supports the reputation it leads. When scrolled further down, the webpage displays statistics which does not entirely supports the leading perception projected by the company. For example, the webpage shows male 69% employees and female as 31% only (Apple, n.d.). …show more content…
has made great strides towards embracing the diversity by not only implementing, maintaining, and supporting programs such as Thurgood Marshall College Fund and ConnectED but by also hiring a lot more diverse and women employee in the company. “In the past year we hired over 11,000 women globally, which is 65 percent more than in the previous year. In the United States, we hired more than 2,200 Black employees — a 50 percent increase over last year — and 2,700 Hispanic employees, a 66 percent increase” (Apple, n.d.). However, as I started explore more on the company’s website, I decided to gain a little more knowledge about the executive team of the company and this is where I noticed an issue. The executive team consisted of 11 members and out of 11 members 10 are males and 1 is female. Even though, the company has hired over 11,000 women globally, one is left to wonder how many of these women have obtained leadership positions. Moreover, according to Quartz website, the diversity bar graph shows 63% of leadership positions belong to 54% of Caucasians (Quartz, n.d. ). Information such as this would make an individual question the efforts Apple Inc. is trying to make in the area of diversity. Hence, the company should consider hiring more diverse employees and more women for leadership and executive positions. This would be a great way to set an example on the inclusion and embracing diversity across the company’s

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