Apple Inc : Computer, Inc. Essay

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Apple Inc., which its name previously was Apple computer, Inc., is a corporation that leads in multinational producer in various electronic devices. Apple Inc., was known for their computers but in recent years they have become the top of their industry for transforming computers into handheld devices. There are many competitors in this business space and many have copied the Apple IPods and Mac Books but, most of them fail and end up bankrupt or losing in law suits by Apple.

Recently, there was a law suit in which Apple sued an android company “Samsung,” “The most attention-grabbing claim in the case is Apple 's demand that Samsung pay a $40 royalty for each Samsung device running software allegedly conceived by Apple, more than five times more than the amount sought in the previous trial and well above other precedents between smartphone companies. Each side has 25 hours of court time to put their case and rebut the other side 's. If Apple prevails, the costs to Samsung could reach $2 billion. Apple 's costs, if it lost, are expected to be about $6 million.” ("Apple sues Samsung for $2bn as tech rivals head back to court | Technology | The Guardian," 2014) The Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computers in April 1976, but incorporated the company on January 3, 1977, in Cupertino, California.

To fully understand Apple Inc., we must first understand Steve Jobs. Jobs was given up for adoption when he was just an infant and his adopted parents were both…

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