Apple's Strengths And Weaknesses

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This case study covers the history of Apple and their strategic approaches implemented by the CEO’s over the years to make it one of the most successful and sustained company in the world. Apple, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The business started with selling personal computers for consumers, which were user friendly. They first introduced the Apple I and the the Apple II, few years later after adding more investors with the company. Apple II was a huge success because of its easy to use functions, industrial design, and technical elegance.
However, due to the conflicts among the top managers and overestimating the demand, Apple started to lose its profits. As a result, Steve Jobs would be forced to leave the
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Apple’s strong brand image, loyal customer base, retail stores with exceptional customer service and releasing new updates every six months are some of its strengths. Originally, Apple’s weaknesses lied with it too many product line and high cost structure. Over the years, Steve Jobs cut down the product like to just 4 to 5 (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Desktops). It also cut its high cost by Motorola Processor to Intel Processor and outsourcing its production to china, cutting down on manufacturing and labor …show more content…
Apple focused a lot on making its products different by its new innovation, unique design, premium quality and superior customer service. They target broad range of customers, from educational to business institutions. They also focus heavily on brand loyalty, which allows them to charge their products at premium prices to cover their high production costs and earn profits. For their functional-level strategy, Apple has always tried to be very exclusive. They have not entered into licensing out their software system to other personal computers manufacturers. In the beginning, this decision hurt them significantly. Apple had the chance to lead the industry and become the standard in the PC industry. Microsoft saw this as an opportunity and gained competitive advantage over Apple for years to come. Once John Scully stepped down from the CEO position, Steve Jobs came back to Apple and tried to use the same functional-level strategy but create a more successful version of the OS and make Apple profitable again. Lastly, Apple’s corporate level strategy was to control all the designing part in company’s headquarter. It allowed them to ensure that every Apple product had company’s core values. In addition, Apple was the first computer company to open a retail stores. They sold products through both retail and online website, which allowed them to reach out to more

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