Apple Company : A Technological Brand Company Essay

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Apple Company is a technological brand company in the worldwide. It was founded in April 1, 1976 by two founders, Steve Job and Steve Wozniak. Later, Ronald Wayne, Steve Job’s friend, became one of the Apple founders in 1977. Apple is a vast company which is located in Cupertino, California with the a hundred of subsidiaries and operations in most countries. The company was introduced to the world as a small business that invented the computer with a typewriter like keyboard, and output device is a TV set. Nowadays, Apple becomes the popular technology company with a brand image around the globe and debuts to the world as a technology enterprise bringing customers new electronic and advanced products to improve the living standard and make lives become more convenient than it was. Running the business venture over 40 ages, the company has been successful and grew bigger with a brand image.

Starting since that 1976, Apple has created many type of technological devices such as computers, digital music players, mobile phones and laptops. Reversing to 1976 when the company introduced the first computer product with only 50 units of Macintosh, the company was not well-known and the product was not attract the customer. Later, this product, which was known as Apple I, had no case and no data, and it was an inexpensive computer during this period. Therefore, in 1977, due to the function of that Apple I did not eminently serve the demand of the customers and the sale was low, the…

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