Apple Case Study: Apple's Organizational Culture

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Case Study – Apple

Apple’s organizational culture is an important factor in the company’s accomplishment. A company’s organizational culture determines capabilities in change management, new rules and new strategies. In Apple’s case, workforce is effectively developed into an organizational culture that ensures rapid innovation. Such improvement is apparent in terms of products like the iPhone, iPod, and other Apple devices. While the Apple’s organizational culture usually contributes to corporate strengths, it also brings challenges to the company. Nevertheless, Apple has been steadily fine-tuning its organizational culture to correctly match the dynamics of its business environment.

Apple’s organizational culture has the essential characteristics
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And while a great deal of the notice has duly been focused on Jobs’ enthusiasm and creativity, as well as the extraordinary period of novelty he presided over, there is an additional feature that has flown somewhat under the radar. That feature is the significant role that business culture played in Apple’s accomplishment.
When you imagine about Apple’s products, what words come to brain? For most public, words such as straightforward, stylish, and innovative are among the first. Of course, that is no accident. Those principles were seriously important to Steve Jobs, and he put them into the Apple business culture.
These core values are the motive that Apple products have been so constantly outstanding, and they are the grounds that you can march into any Apple store across the nation and have basically the same familiarity. From sales contacts to top executives, Apple is amalgamated by a common culture. And it is that culture that ensures that Apple consumers benefit from the experience that they have come to be expecting whenever they cooperate with Apple—whether that means via their iPhone, visiting an Apple store, or calling Apple’s technical support

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