Apple Case Study Analysis : Apple 's History Essay

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Apple Case Study Analysis Apple’s history is one of success and failure, state of the art design and isolationist failure. Apple entered the general market in 1978 with the Apple II introducing the graphical user interface (GUI) (Gamble, J., & Thompson Jr, T., 2011). Introducing this type of interface was a huge benefit for home computer buyers because it made computers more interactive and kept the user from having to type all commands in a DOS format. Apple then started struggling within the PC market and went several years changing leadership and battling to become relevant within the market again. Apple had a very isolationist approach to the tech market, restricting developers from knowing anything about their technology to entering legal battles with their competitors over their inventions. Ultimately Apple / Mac lost their “identity” by losing exclusive rights to the GUI (Gamble, J., & Thompson Jr, T 2011). Apple eventually took another look at their approach and realized they could be more successful if they set aside their problems with competition and leveraged their competitor’s success to their advantage. Microsoft started offering some although still limited Apple compatibility. Apple kept working their way into the market by offering high end product, but they also had high end pricing.
In the late 1990’s early 2000’s Apple led the tech world into digital media with the introduction of the iPod. After breaking into the market and being successful…

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