Apple And The Electronic Computer Industry Essay

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Apple did not begin to pay dividends until November 2012, whereas HP started in 2011, and Google has not started yet. Apple’s dividend yield is 1.15% (Min = 0, Max = 2.79%). HP’s average is 4.31% (Min=1.44%, Max=9.48%). Investing in companies with stable and high dividend yields assist investors with securing a stable cash flow.
S.W.O.T. Analysis (SN)
Apple has been successful and is constantly expanding and improving their product to market to customers. It is complicated to predict what the future holds for Apple, therefore doing an analysis to understand the company position now and for the future is beneficial. Therefore, conducting a SWOT Analysis will provide a better picture of how the company is doing, what areas need to improve, and what areas Apple should expand upon in the future.
• Strengths
Apple’s website list several strengths in the Electronic Computer Industry. According to Apple’s website, their business strategy leverage their unique ability to design and develop their own operating systems, hardware, application software, and services to provide their customers with product solutions and seamless integration. The software Apple uses can be simultaneously integrated on all devices with iCloud allowing customers to store music, contacts, documents, and mail. In addition, iCloud also includes the find my phone feature, family sharing, iCloud back-up, iCloud Keychain, and iCloud back-up for their customer base. This strategy Apple uses to own and integrate…

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