Essay about Apple And Microsoft Vs. Microsoft

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We have all heard of both the Microsoft and Apple companies. If not, it can only be assumed that you have been living under a rock for the past forty years or so. Both of these corporations have been in all over the map with their new creations of phones, tablets, and computers. Apple has definitely made its mark on the world. Just about every month we all hear about the new iPhones that have just come out and the latest updates they have added to their iPads. Microsoft is popular as well. Everyone knows the name of Microsoft and all over the world people are using PC’s. Many schools across the country are still using things like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and many others. Both Apple and Microsoft equally play an important role in our society. What is the difference between the two companies though? People do not generally give much thought to whether or not they want a Mac or a PC because many agree that they are the same thing, but this is not actually true.
Though Apple has tried extremely hard to appear as the hottest and hippest choice, advertising campaigns and commercials that make fun of the Microsoft PC, they still are not the number one choice of the consumers. “Apple 's recent advertising campaign featuring "Mac," played by the younger, hoodie-wearing Justin Long and "PC," played by the older, bespectacled John Hodgman,” 10 Differences Between Macs and PCs. A survey was conducted whether most people prefer Microsoft over Apple…

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