Appendix F Essay

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Appendix F

Reading Strategies Worksheet

Identify two reading goals, one short-term and one long-term.

• Long-term reading goal: • Short-term reading goal:

Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

• How do you currently approach the weekly readings in the course?

After I have completed alI my assignments and discussions for the current week I give myself one day break, then I go ahead and look on to see the reading for the following week. I download the excerpt that is needed for my readings onto my desktop (so thy can be easily assessable). I skim through the chapter first before I actually start reading to get a better understanding of what I will be
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Turning off my cell phone can help me from getting distracted. I feel like the last suggestion is the one that I will use the most because I am constantly on my phone. When I am in the middle of reading a chapter I will stop what I’m doing and answer the text. By the time I’m actually done and go over the questions, I forgot everything I have read.

• How might this plan help you accomplish your reading goals?

This plan will help me to accomplish my reading goals because I will prevent myself from getting distracted with unnecessary things and for the things I cannot help being distracted by (children and /or TV’s etc) I will find something for them to do to preoccupy their time so I won’t have to worry about being distracted with my work. I will be able to read and comprehend my work and I will only have to read it just one time. I turn off my phone and I play my music (I find it a way to focus on my work with music). I will also have more time to review the chapter and read summaries instead of just getting straight to reading. when I listen to music it eases my mind and helps me with accomplish my reading goals, because it helps me to focus on what I am doing., I like my music and I like to learn new things. Music is a major factor in my learning

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