Appearance Is Very Important For Attaining A Job Essay

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The understanding is that appearance is very important in attaining a job. This is based on the idea that your professional image and either ruin or successfully give you positive results. Majority professionals believe that having professional image such as the attire and appearance is very important, as it is even pointed out within the survey conducted within the University of California Los Angeles (Johanson 1999:45). The results of the survey was that 61 percent the professional image is very important and that 34 percent the professional image is moderately important, meaning that 95 percent of people think that it is important (Johanson 1999:45). Just as well there is recognition that certain type of attire is fit for Specific Corporation as there are images that these different corporations try to hold. Most the time even business casual is considered as not fit for interviews as they do not provide the image that most company is looking for (Johanson 1999:47). And in terms of the jewelry moderation is the key, as it is not good to be too flashy and yet looking very neat and non-distracting is always an advantage (Johanson 1999:49). Just as well the decisions made on the stereotypes made about certain type of people can just as well affect the way they are looked at (Schmitt 1994:909). Meaning that certain type of stereotypes can provide wrongful images of people and as result they suffer from such. The essential part of this stereotype is the obesity that…

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