Appeal For Authority ( 562 Words ) Essay

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Appeal to Authority (562 words) Even though agricultural expansion in Amazonia may appear to increase the world food supply, many experts in the academic and scientific community are justifiably skeptical on whether such expansion would actually benefit humans. Ioulia Fenton, the leader of the food and agriculture research stream at the Institute of Advanced Developmental Studies in Bolivia, is certainly one of many skeptics who are worried about the potential environmental damage of agriculture-induced deforestation. She notes that “since 1990, the world’s primary forest area has decreased by 300 million hectares… Yet, without the ecosystem services that forests provide, many natural and human processes would collapse” (Fenton). Instead of seeing Amazonian land solely as a place to be chopped down and replaced with crops and livestock pastures for human benefit, Fenton realizes the value of the irreplaceable environmental services that the rainforest offers for free. She is conscious of the fragility of the natural world and its capacity to cause great suffering if humans disturb it. Thus, she is rightfully alarmed that the agricultural industry is depriving Amazonian residents of their rainforest, which their livelihoods depend upon.
Although many experts are concerned with the environmental harm that agricultural expansion may bring to the Amazon, its potential monetary effects are also troubling. Sergio Margulis, the Lead Environmental Economist for the Latin America…

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