Apparel Trend Forecast Report 2014 Essay

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Apparel Forecast Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2014

Apparel Forecast Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2014
Women’s apparel has always been a dominant driving force in the fashion industry due to many factors—passion for style and trends, the variety of assortments offered at retail stores, contributions to the majority of clothing purchases, and the inspiration that comes from the runway shows in major capital cities in the U.S and abroad. In the past few years however, the fashion industry has responded in a positive way to menswear, focusing more on catering to male clientele (WikiAnalysis, 2012).
The menswear market provides different categories of clothing that constantly
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Print and Pattern Explosion “Just as in women’s wear, men’s fashion is loving patterns, from horizontal stripes and new camouflage treatments to vintage-inspired floral” (Brown, 2012). Although we are currently seeing various patterns from camouflage and stripes among menswear today, these are not the only prints to dominate the market in early Spring 2014—floral, retro, vintage, indigo and ethnic are a few of the many prints and patterns we will see throughout the upcoming seasons. It is evident that the women’s fashion industry has played a huge role, influencing possible trends in the future for men, with the pop of bold and bright colors as an example. Just as this popular trend thrived tremendously throughout the women’s apparel market due to influential designers such as Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, and Vera Bradley, etc., the likelihood of a print and pattern explosion having a major impact among male clientele is very high. “Geometric patterns are highly cyclical and come around lightly every few seasons” (Jones, 2012). Of the many patterns, we will see triangles, squares, and rectangle embellishments in bright colors, as well as zigzags, black and whites, 70’s shades, and medallion prints, which will be used in repeatedly to

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