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The Lord had completely changed the life of Apostle Paul. Paul used to persecute the church. Then, God opened his eyes and revealed the truth of Christ to him. He took Paul’s education and gift of rhetoric for the advancement of His church. Part of God’s plan for Paul was Paul’s stay in Athens, a city of intellectualism and paganism. Here, Paul was “greatly distressed” by the number of idols around him. He tried to reason with the locals, to show them the same Truth that had been revealed to him. Some Epicureans and Stoics heard him, and did not understand. So, they brought him to a “meeting of the Areopagus,” so they could hear about this new teaching. Paul took this opportunity to communicate the gospel.

The Epicureans The point of life to the Epicureans is the absence of bodily pain and mental anxiety; it is to experience pleasure. To achieve this pleasure, one must both reduce their own needs and withdraw from public life and competition. They must “live hidden.” Then, they must obtain friendship, which is the most important human utility to the
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An example of the Stoic’s reasoning is the observation that the world, on its own, works better than any other human mechanical invention. Humans cannot re-create the world; so therefore, some sort of god must have created it. Furthermore, the beauty of the world points to its divine artist (Long, 1987, pp. 25-27). The Stoics believe that the universe itself is rational, like the rational entity that created it. This is the same as St. Augustine’s explanation of wisdom and order. All creation is formed within the mind of God, and presents His qualities, therefore all creation points to him. This is all in line with Christian faith. In Romans 1:20 Paul writes, …”for his attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been

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