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Xxxx xxxxxxxxxx March 10, 2015

Mr. Larry Lancaster,
Apollo Shoes, Inc.
Shoetown, Maine Dear Mr. Lancaster
My name is xxxxxxxx. I am the Audit Manager at Anderson, Old, and Watershed, CPAs, LLC. I have been with Anderson, Old, and Watershed, CPAs, LLC little over 10 years. I have provided and continue to provide various auditing and assurances services to our clients. I have extensive background in retail industry.
I am writing this letter to confirm our upcoming arrangement with Apollo Shoes and briefly introduce you to our company. Anderson, Old, and Watershed, CPAs, LLC is a nationally renowned firm that offers complete set of services design to help businesses achieve and exceed their business goals. Our services
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The financial audits, which is what we will be doing for your company, consist of auditing financial statements. The purpose of the financial statement audit is to ensure the entity being audited is preparing the financial statements in conformance with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and minimize the information risk that can possibly be caused by inaccurately stated financial statements. Financial Statement Auditing does not have any impact on risk free interest rate or business risk but certainly can have a significant effect on information risk. The information is important to investors, managers, banks, creditors and governmental agencies.
In addition to auditing services, Anderson, Old, and Watershed, CPAs, LLC, offers a comprehensive set of assurance services. An assurance service is an independent professional service that is designed to improve the quality of information for decision makers. These services are valued by our customers because information provided through our independent and unbiased review helps our customers receive reliable and relevant information to make informed decisions about their business. Attestation services we provide is a form of an assurance service and include; * Audit of historical financial statements * Audit of internal control over financial reporting * Review of historical financial statements * Attestation services

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