Apollo My Greek God Essay

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My Greek god is Apollo. Apollo is famous for defeating the python at Delphi, allowing him to establish the famous oracle. Apollo came from Zeus and Leto. The Greeks worshiped him because he was the god of music, truth, and the sun moving across the sky. It will be important to learn about Apollo because he has some great myths and some great interesting story. Apollo was born on the island of Delos. In Apollos, early life he drank from ambrosia which said it turned him from baby to man. Apollo had a twin sister named Artemis who is the goddess of the hunt. Hera Zeus wife was outraged and convinced the earth to refuse to allow Leto to have birth at any ground surface. He was holding a golden sword at birth which became his weapon growing up.Myth 1- Apollo was involved in was with Tityo a giant who …show more content…
He had challenged Apollo to a musical contest. He lost when the god demanded they play their music upside-down on the second round. When he lost, he had a punishment of being tied to a tree and flayed alive. When he was flayed alive the rustic gods decided to transform him into a stream. This can show that Apollo was very good at music since he is the god of music.I found interesting on where Apollo was born. He couldn’t be born on earth because of Zeus jealous friend Hera convinced the earth to now allow Leto to give birth on land. One other interesting fact is that Apollo drank something to make him from a baby to a man. People should now what he had to go through in his early life and what challenges he faced. When Apollo was young he had a Golden sword and with that became his weapon. The god Hermes create the Lyre for Apollo and this instrument became a known attribute for him. Apollo had many children; perhaps the most famous are Orpheus, Ion, and Asclepius (to whom he gave his knowledge of healing and

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