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Apollo 13 Film Analysis | Andrew Hendrian | MG306/CO342Dr. Kruml & Dr. Curtin | |

Apollo 13 Final Paper Outline 1. Culture (Subculture) a. Collaborative i. Work constantly done or completed in teams b. Innovative ii. Find ways to do impossible things – make the O fit into the square c. Arrogant iii. We will not fail, “Failure is not an option” – Gene Kranz d. Comfort level within teams iv. They did not want to work with Jack Swigert because they knew their team so well – breathing, voice tones, etc. v. Nonverbal communication displayed when walking by back ups 2. Leaders/Managers e. Leaders vi. Tom Hanks tearing off his
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Leaders Throughout the movie, leadership was demonstrated by many people. I thought the best examples of leadership were exemplified by Jim Lovell, Marilyn Lovell, and Gene Kranz. They were all put in situations where they needed to be leaders and stay strong to ensure that other people did not “lose it.” After Jack Swigert had mixed the oxygen tanks and the explosion happened, nobody pointed fingers in the beginning. After the ship had started its journey back home, there was a discussion between Houston and the pilots about how they needed to make sure they get some sleep. Houston knew their heard rates because of the instruments they had them wearing. This upset the gentlemen because they didn’t see how they could sleep when they didn’t even know if they were going to live. Jim ripped off his biomed device and Houston immediately contacted them asking if Jim was ok because he was flat-lining down there. He said that he was sick of them knowing his heart rate, compositions, etc. Soon after this the other two crew members ripped off their devices and Houston panicked. The medical team then looked at Gene and he said that it was just a little medical mutiny. I thought that Jim really displayed himself as a leader by doing this because the group was frustrated with Houston. The others who seemed to look up to him followed and they grew closer

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