Apollo 11: The Magnificent Space Missions

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There have been many magnificent space missions. NASA was the one who prepared all the needs for the spacecraft so they could complete their missions. Mars Rover Spirit and Opportunity, Apollo 11, and Freedom 7 discovered and accomplished some great things. These missions helped scientists learn about things in outer space. They changed our world by giving us valuable information about different planets and galaxies today. All these space missions sacrificed astronauts lives and lots of money. They learn about our universe, NASA uses the knowledge they find for future missions, and find things in space to use down on Earth. NASA launched two great rovers. On June 10, 2003 Mars Rover Spirit was sent to Mars and on July 7, 2003 Opportunity …show more content…
On May 25, 1961 John Francis Kennedy made a mission to space to make the first american lunar landing. The United States of America was trailing the Soviet Union in space developments so the president made the mission to the moon. Well the spacecraft was orbiting space the astronauts had to postpone a sleep period because they had to plan for desent. On July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon and he left a lunar laser ranging retroreflector array to find the distance from the Earth to the moon very precisely. One great spinoff this mission made is memory foam which is found in mattresses and in shock absorbing helmets and it returns to its original shape. This material was created from the seats of the spaceship to soften the landing for the …show more content…
It was the first human american space mission that made it to space. Before it could launch the spaceship had many problems like making it able for the astronauts to escape, vehicle control, and landing safely well being able to recover. It finally landed successfully on May 5, 1961. The astronauts took the first of many photographic images to see if they could use anything they found in space and use it down on Earth. By completing this mission it allowed NASA to send many future missions to space with knowledge about our universe. One thing we use today down on Earth that NASA used in this space mission was a portable device that analyzes rocks and minerals. It can detected most minerals by using chemicals and forensic applications.
These missions helped NASA discover things we never knew before these missions. It was worth spending thousands of dollars on these spacecrafts. All the information they found is helping us plan for future missions. We have so many things in space that we know use on Earth. All these space mission sacrificed astronauts lives and lots of money so NASA could use knowledge they found so they could use it for future missions, using information astronauts found from high tech pictures they learned about our universe, and found things in space to use down on

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