Apollo 11 Challenges

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“That’s one small leap for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” (Minard). These are the words Neil Armstrong spoke as he stepped onto the moon and made history for not only the U.S., but for mankind. People have been fascinated with space and the heavens for a long time. During this first mission to the moon many things happened that were amazing. NASA and the Apollo 11 crew’s encounter with various problems during the time of Apollo 11 led to the successful exploration of the moon and advancements in the space race.
NASA encountered problems with spacesuits before the Apollo 11 space mission. In addition to many other things, the space suits had to withstand micrometeorites that shoot around like bullets in space. Another thing the spacesuits had to do was supply air to its wearer. Also the spacesuits had to keep the wearer cool, or warm, depending on the temperature outside (Vogt 11-12; Franz). All these complications made the space suits very complicated. An undergarment performed as a cooling system by running cool water through tubes sewn to the fabric (Freudenrich; HightechScience.org; Franz). A big part of the suit that solves problems that challenged space travel was the support backpack. It carried many essentials like water for the cooling system (Freudenrich; HightechScience.org; Franz; Vogt 14).
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They had all flown in previous missions to explore. Each of them had flown in one of the Gemini explorations. Neil Armstrong flew on the Gemini 8 mission as the command pilot (Biography.com “Neil”). Buzz Aldrin flew in Gemini 12. Aldrin also was backup crew for the Apollo 8 mission (Biography.com “Buzz”). Michael Collins wasn’t left out of flying on a Gemini mission; he flew in the Gemini 10 mission. During this mission, he performed a spacewalk and proved that he was a great explorer (Biography.com “Michael”). These men chosen for Apollo 11 definitely were good choices to perform this very important

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