Essay about Apo Show

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Donovan Pogue
Beginning Acting
Mr. Kontos
“APO SHOW” Out of all the plays, I think this was by far the best one to me, just because of the different mini plays, and the comedy that came from them all. The first show I would like to discuss would be “Sure Thing”. I really enjoyed this one. This play was mostly about this guy trying to pursue this woman, and he starts off badly a few times so a bell is rung for him to begin again. This one had a lot of humorous moments in it. They were both very funny, especially the guy. I think they had a mutual like towards each other and it led them to go on a date to the movies. In the end, what he was trying to pursue, he finally got, but it just wasn’t the right timing for him in when
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I think these three plays have different styles of pursuit but in the end they all end up getting exactly what they want, not just when they wanted it. The fourth play was the only one that I did not really understand, but it was still funny. But, it did somewhat tie into the theme of the pursuit of something. I don’t know if this tied into the theme of timing and pursuit but a man named Phillip walked in a bread shop in the pursuit of some bread, by the way he was smelling it, but he sees someone, whom used to be his lover and at that moment it distracts him from getting his bread and they start to sing a song about if this guy that this woman fell in love with. Then eventually in the end he ends up getting his bread. I still thought maybe I interpreted this wrong but it did somewhat tie into the theme of the other ones but a different life situation. The fifth play, I thought The Philadelphia was funny also, because the two guys were funny as the other casts. Mark comes in upset about how everything is going wrong in his life, and he wants it change at that moment, but it doesn’t and the guy he is meeting Al explains to him that he is in Philadelphia and how that you have to relax and ask for the opposite of everything to get what he wants, and he starts to follow those instructions and everything starts to change dramatically for him, but bad things

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