Essay on Apes Are A Division Of The Old World Monkeys

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Apes (Hominoidea) are a division of the Old World monkeys; they differ from all of the other primates because they have no outside tails. Also, Apes, just like humans are intelligent and more dependent for survival on learned behavior patterns. Additionally, their lower molar teeth of apes have five cusps on their grinding exteriors which are called a Y-5 pattern. Apes are a part of the anthropoid primates and are indigenous to Africa and Southeast Asia (gibbons and siamangs). The Old World monkeys include but not limited to gibbons, great/small apes and humans. Apes have longs arms and a free rotating shoulder joints which make it easy to swing from one hold to another. Apes have nostrils that are close together and directed downward unlike the New World monkeys whose nostrils are far apart and directed forward or sideways and typically have a prehensile tail.” Since the New World monkeys have tails, they are able to hold onto branches with their tails unlike the Old World monkeys, including Apes that are not capable of doing so.
Furthermore, the largest of Apes are about 4.5 to 5.5 feet tall when they are standing and weigh anywhere between 200 to 450 pounds. The great apes live in Africa and Asia according to the National Zoo. Apes are mostly found in jungles, hilly and in the savannas while, lesser apes live in Asia in evergreen forests. What’s more, Apes have hairless callous pads, on their rumps which may be as a result of long periods of sitting or sleeping on…

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