Apartment And House Advantages And Disadvantages

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Apartments and houses are very different from one another. I lived in an apartment complex for about six years, and there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages from my experience about that style of living. Living in an apartment is sometimes unsafe. When I was 11 years old, and my brother was 16. My brother tripped onto the street while riding his bike. There was a woman driving over the speed limit and ran my brother over leaving him with a fractured arm. My brother was rushed to the hospital, but the apartment complex did not pay to any of the hospital fees. A couple years after, one of my close friends had taken a vacation out of the country for a month. During that time his parent’s apartment was robbed and vandalized. Many goods …show more content…
Living in a house instead of an apartment allows more secure, freedom, and more comfortable. Living in a house has plenty of advantages. I now live in a house where neighbors are not close to each one another, leaving me and my family the privacy every family should have. Living in a house now also includes having a garage but it is even safe to park the vehicle outside and not having to worry about waking up the next day with the car vandalized, I now leave my bike outside without a lock for hours and not worry about it being stolen. The house that I live in now has a well water which means there is no water bill but there is a gas bill but it is not that big because it is only a payment each six months. Living in a house provides plenty of space and freedom because the area I live in is around plenty of trees and other houses are not close to a point that I am not able to view other houses which is actually good for me because I live living in a quiet and peaceful area. I live on an off-road and it views as a country area but it is very close to the city, I go running every once a while and it is quite enjoying because I would always see animals like rabbits, deer’s and turkeys and these animals always wonder around my house and it is very satisfying to watch. Living in a house has many privileges, since the house is our “own property” I can now perform all of the activities I cannot do in an apartment like repainting the walls, or rebuilding the outside of the house, a house has many privileges but having a house does have a negative effect, purchasing a house requires thousands of dollars which parents work really hard for, and some people consider pulling a loan from their bank. Living in a house requires paying more bills and possibly more payments, it requires having to spend less money and working hard at the job to regain

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