Apartheid And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Apartheid is one of the most prominent examples in modern history of virulent tribalism overriding basic moral decency. Built on racial discrimination and segregation, apartheid developed a distorting effect on society by encouraging and promoting the worst of human behaviors. Violence and brutality defined apartheid over its 47 years of operation. Even with these effects and many others in full view of South African citizens and the world, the underbelly of apartheid, marked by deceit, paranoia, torture, and murder reveals how the system created space for twisted individuals to act out their perverted conceptions without fear of retribution or recourse. Wouter Basson, an Afrikaner doctor, is one of those people that thrived in the dystopian environment of apartheid. In 1981, Basson was selected by the South African government to found and lead a top-secret chemical and biological weapons program named Project Coast. During the following 12 years that he officially headed the program, Basson and his scientific team worked with anthrax, salmonella, H.I.V. Ebola, nerve gases, and many other harmful organisms and substances. While officially shrouded in secrecy, Project Coast and Wouter Basson were well known by the highest-ranking members of the government, including the Minister of Defence Magnus Malan and the Prime Minister and later State President of South Africa P.W. Botha. To counteract this personal proximity, the program was placed in a complex, multilayered…

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