Essay on Ap French-Chapter Questions

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Paul Zuo

Soyez Polis
Jacques Prévert
It must be very polite with the land
And with the sun
We must thank the morning waking up
We must thank them for the heat
For trees
For fruit
For all that is good to eat
For all that is beautiful to look at
A touch
We must thank
Do not bother ...
They know what they have to do
The sun and the earth
Then we must let them
Or they can get angry
And then after
We changed
In squash
In Watermelon
Or flint
And is well advanced ...
The sun is in love with the land
It looks
It is their business
And when there are eclipses
It is not prudent or discreet look
Through dirty pieces of smoked glass
They argue
It is
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Quelles actions ou quelles attitudes sont a l’origine de ces questions? 3. Qu’est-ce qu’on peut faire dans l’immediat pour repondre a ces preoccupations croissants?
Chapter 3: 1. quells sont les problemes les plus urgents concernant la santé de nos jours? 2. Pourquoi ces problemes se sont ils manifestes? 3. Quelles solutions peut on leur apporter?

Discuss Health Issues In Africa

Dernier Espoir
I must leave the talking to those who live day to day, those who are at the heart of the country and sculpt the contours of our future. Listen to this woman who says her words-despair. Yet she had a little bit of life that could continue without history: 
"Because of severe abdominal pain and headaches very strong, I spent three weeks in hospital Dabou. They made me radios, they took my blood and they gave me tablets. After as it was better, they told me to go home I had nothing. They gave me vitamins and they advised me to choose good food. But when I got home and my husband saw on my report that I had AIDS, he poured a bucket of hot water on my body (it shows the scars on her neck and back). And then he turned me out of the house, me and my child. I did not know where to go. There was not even anyone to help us, except the girl dyed black is my friend who lives next to the market. It was she who gave me the money for transport back to the village. That's how I came in the box with my parents. They did not say anything and they did everything for me and my

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